Definition of a Computer:

Computer is an electronic and digital machine that performs arithmetic and logical task. Computer is   a device that converts data into information.

Logical operations are type of operations where decisions are involved, such as comparing two numbers  numbers etc, while arithmetical operations are adding, multiplication etc.

What is Data? And what is Information?

Data is simply raw facts collected  or entered by a user such as some numbers letters or mixture of them, for example 5, right, etc are data, because they have no meaning. After processing this date has some meaning, then it will be considered as an information. For example "5 Kilometer from here", or "Right side from the crossing" etc.

Computers are programmable, a program is a set of instructions telling the computer what to do? Computers are made by two basic parts, they are Hardware and Software.

Another definition of Computer

  • C - Commonly
  • O - Operated
  • M - Machine
  • P - Particularly
  • U - Used for
  • T - Technology
  • E - Education and
  • R - Research